sheila wright


Grades of kids at CJ: 4th Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

My son is a 4th grader (I’m also a former Matador, '76-82), and I want him and his classmates to have as many educational enrichment opportunities as possible. I am grateful to have been voted in for second term. Serving in this role is always rewarding and worth the challenge of balancing this with my roles as a single parent, writing professor at Mt. San Antonio College, and Star Wars fanatic. I am ever grateful to my fellow board members, chairpersons and all volunteers who come together to support our Matadors!

jennie tourkow

Vice President

Grades of kids at CJ: Dade is in 3rd Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I know it takes a lot to raise a child and I know that teachers and schools need parent support.  I'm a single parent and I work 3-4 days a week, so finding time to volunteer is tough but I make it work.

amanda jameson


Grades of kids at CJ: I have two daughters, Lorelei in 3rd grade with Mr. Boots and Analise in 1st grade with Mrs. Quinteros.

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I joined community club to get involved with my children's school because I feel that education is vitally important to a successful life and parental involvement is key to that success.
I am currently in my final year of graduate school for sociology. I am married to a Walnut High School teacher. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, amusement parks and spending time with family.



Grades of kids at CJ: Daughter in 1st Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I like to be involved and aware of what's going on with my daughter's education as much as I can. It's not only about what happens in the classroom, but also the school and surrounding community as well. All of that has an effect on how my daughter learns and grows, now and in the years to come. So I just want to do my part in helping to create and maintain the best possible learning environment for my daughter, her classmates and their parents, the teachers, and staff of this great school.





Grades of kids at CJ: Daughter, Cynthia is in 5th Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I volunteer for the CJM Community Club for a few different reasons. In the beginning, I wanted to know what is going on at my child's school and how I could help. Then I learned that I had a few skills that could help make it better. This gave me the opportunity to meet many parents and staff throughout the school. As part of the CJM family, I was able to help the school earn thousands of dollars that make it possible for the Community Club to fund many things for our children. As the Financial Treasurer, I have found that this position is important because it records the collection and disbursement of the Community Club funds. It is a position that can assist staff and volunteers on a variety of areas where decisions need to be made. Since this is my last year, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with other parents to ensure that our children continue to enjoy and are proud of their CJM Elementary experience.


Coordinating Council Representative

Grades of kids at CJ: Son in 5th Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I have the privilege of being a stay at home mother, so I decided to make the most of my time. I love being at the school with my second family and helping in any way.


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Sergeant at Arms

Grades of kids at CJ: Twin boy and girl who are both in 3rd Grade

Why you are part of the CJMCC Board:

I enjoy being a part of my children's education and being able to volunteer as much as I can. My work experience includes areas such as the medical field, legal and Information Technology. I also enjoy volunteering with Girls Scouts and Children's Hospital. 
The CJMCC board allows me to be a voice for all parents as well as an opportunity to be a part of an amazing group. We are all here to support everyone most importantly our children, Teachers, and Staff.