CJ Morris Science Olympiad Team is a team where kids in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade can compete against other schools in the county by representing their school at the Annual Science Olympiad Competition.  This team will be able to learn about the different sciences in the competition by learning together, working together, creating together.


Expectations of students and parents of the team

This is a team sport, not unlike any other athletic sport such as baseball, football, etc.  Team members are expected to attend meetings to practice the different events of the Science Olympiad.  With practice, a team member will only get better at their events and increase their own personal knowledge. There will be weekly meetings to go over the materials and experiment on the different events throughout the year.  It is encouraged that the team members attend each meeting.  Schedule is to be determined.  Please check regularly for announcements and schedules on this site.

What We've Achieved

Over the past 2 years, we have gotten more experience in this event as a team.  

  • 2016 our first ever attempt at a medal we achieved Silver Medal at Occidental College
  • 2017 we achieved Gold Medal at Antelope Valley