How Is Shoparoo Different From Other School Fundraising Programs?

With nothing to buy, sell, collect, count or mail-in, Shoparoo is the most hassle-free platform available. In comparison to other grocery-related fundraising programs, Shoparoo does not require you to buy specific brands or products to raise money for school. This means that EVERY shopping receipt (regardless of whether it's from the biggest super center or your Mom-and-Pop grocer on the corner) will earn your school an instant donation or entry into $15,000 sweepstakes!

I've been using a completely hassle-free fundraiser called Shoparoo to earn money for Cyrus J. Morris Elementary and would love for you to join me. Shoparoo is a free mobile app that lets you earn cash donations for any school you choose, just by taking pictures of your shopping receipts. It's that easy and just takes a few seconds. The best part is that it doesn't matter where you shop or what you buy - every receipt counts!
There are schools earning hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars a year through Shoparoo, and I want ours to be one of them. Plus, if you use this referral code, we'll both earn extra donations for your first qualifying receipt:
Join me in fundraising today! Download the free app here:
- Sheila Wright